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Hotel Clásico

Hotel Clásico has an unbeatable location in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood.

From the hotel you will be just few minutes away from the main places of interest of the city, like the Botanic Garden Carlos Thays, the Park Three of February or the National Museum of Arts.

If you want to try traditional food of Buenos Aires, the city offers a great number of restaurants so you can enjoy the best dishes.

Botanic Garden Carlos Thays

Botanic Garden Carlos Thays has the main function to preserve the biodiversity and the environmental education. In 1996 it was declared as National Monument by its cultural and natural character. It is a natural reservoir of great importance by its urban location. Among all the missions of the park, the most highlighting is the maintenance of an important collection of arboreal specimens dedicating a bigger surface to Argentinian flora and a smaller surface with species from the five continents.

With no doubts, it is one of the places you should visit during your stay in our city.

Park Three of February

Also known as “the woods of Palermo”, this park is one of the most visited by tourists coming to the city. It is important due to its groves where we can find eucalyptus, desert hackberry or the ombús. We also need to talk about its artificial lakes that can be visited in boat or water cycles. Finally, on this park is located El Rosedal, a garden with more than 12.000 rose bushes where there is numerous artwork, among them, 26 busts of poets and writers, Greek bridge and a Andalusian backyard.


The kitchen from Argentina is full of typical plates as the breaded turnovers or the roast from Argentina. The carbonada is another typical plate you will not resist to. It is made of beans stew, pumpkin, corn and potatoes. During its cooking process it takes the flavor of its ingredients. Finally, as typical sweets from Argentina highlight the alfajor (two cookies stuffed with chocolate, cream or caramel) and the fried pancakes, made with wheat dough, yeast, water and salt.